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Cleanroom Future Talks

Join the successfully launched Cleanroom Talks at the Cleanzone on October 23 and 24 2018 again this year. In small personal panel discussions, experts will speak about topics from the Cleanroom sector, which are also addressed in the Cleanroom Magazine.

Topics are:

  • Modern Cleanroom Design
  • Training of Cleanroom staff ( in English language)
  • Future Business models for the Cleanroom Industry
  • Requirements for best practice Cleanroom Cleaning

Place: Booth Cleanroom Future: 5.1 D 10

Tuesday, 23. October 2018

12:00pm to 12:30pm Modern Design in Cleanrooms

The employee in the Cleanroom is very limited and often burdened in his work in the pure environment. An appreciation of his work can happen , for example, via a visual change in the sober-looking production facility. New buildings and existing Cleanrooms can already be designed beautiful and attractive, so that employee motivation increases.
Experts in this round discuss about creative approaches and hurdles:


  • Frank Duvernell, Editor Cleanroom Future Magazine
  • Cordula Bahm, graduate engineer, interior design and color designer
    IAAC/BEF, Farbstudio Schleicher
  • Christian Hage, graduate engineer, expert for Cleanroom facilities,
    Daldrop + Dr.Ing.Huber GmbH +Co.KG
  • Jacek Betkowski, expert for Cleanroom lighting, Luxiona GmbH


4:00pm to 4:30pm Training of Cleanroom staff ( in English language )

Working in a Cleanroom is exhausting, physically and mentally intensive and sometimes stressful for operators. It is becoming increasingly difficult to attract suitable staff to work in a Cleanroom facility. Often training formats are missing in advance, so companies need to train their own employees. How do you best educate your people? This will be discussed by the following experts:

  • Frank Duvernell, Editor Cleanroom Future Magazine
  • Prof. Dr. Horst Weißsieker, Expert on Cleanroom technology


Wednesday, 24. October 2018

11:00am to 11:30am Future Business models in the Cleanroom Industry

Where is the journey going? How can the value chain of cleanroom business models be fully exploited in the future? When will the 5.0 industry come and are we all ready for it? Which impact the artificial intelligence will have for the business in the digital world? Can everything stay as it is? Is there a slight adjustment or do we have to rethink completely? Three experts from Cleanroom technology to marketing and venture a glimpse into the future.


  • Frank Duvernell, Editor Cleanroom Future Magazine
  • Markus Thamm, specialist for microtechnology, technology entrepreneur
    and founder of the Cleanroom agency
  • Edgar K. Geffroy, author, business innovator and developer of the internationally
    known concept “clienting”


2:45pm to 3:15pm Requirements for a high standard Cleanroom cleaning concept ( in English language)

What are the special challenges today that make it harder for users to find the right decisions for their own cleaning concept ? Can ordinary facility service providers meet these requirements? Does it only need the specialist or in the end rather the own staff?
What is to be observed? How can the cleaning process be better monitored in the future?
Answers to these questions are discussed by the experts.

Experts. :

  • Frank Duvernell, Editor Cleanroom Future Magazine
  • Dr.Ruediger Laub, Expert for cleaning, profi-con Contamination Control GmbH

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