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Image Film

Long-term editorial experience, technical competence, and training in cleanroom behaviour allow us to design image films that are tailored to your company. We have the know-how and the equipment to present your products and your production in your cleanrooms - in a film format of your choice. From the promotional clip on your homepage to the high-resolution film at your exibition stand.

Instructional Films

How should you behave in the cleanroom? What is the gowning procedure for cleanroom overalls? What is contained in the ISO standard 14644 or the GMP guidelines? These are only a few of the questions which we answer with the help of specially-produced instructional films about all cleanroom topics. In collaboration with the Cleanroom Academy, a series of instructional films, which are suitable for the training of cleanroom personnel of all cleanroom classes, is being developed.

Video instructions

Every company exhibits different cleanroom behaviours depending on the process, the cleanliness class, the structure of the air locks or the clothing used. We produce professional training films based on your SOPs for behaviour in your cleanrooms, air-lock procedures, gowning procedures and all other activities related to your clean production and research.

Experts in the cleanroom

We at CLEANROOM MAGAZIN TV are experts in cleanroom films and all cleanroom sectors. Many years of experience in different TV productions allow us to professionally and effectively produce articles, image films and video instructions according to your specifications.


Cleanroom Magazine on youtube

We report diferent topics and events in short news articles. Short, concise, and competent: we present the event, report about interesting background information, and share the latest news from the cleanroom sector. We publish videos on our YouTube channel Cleanroom Magazine TV ( You, as an organiser or participant, can integrate the article into your website.
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