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The cleanroom is where the future begins! Is the cleanroom sector equipped for the challenges faced by digitisation? Has it established the right answers concerning workers, machinery and company organisation? Author Frank Duvernell is of the opinion that, however, the industry is neither always prepared, nor up-to-scratch. He calls for an open innovative culture which is characterised by a high level of risk tolerance and flexibility. This is:

  • a wake-up call for the cleanroom sector
  • an inspiration to break away from tried-and-tested structures and antiquated thinking processes.
  • A clean room starts in the mind

book presentation
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Leipzig (Germany)

The CLEANROOM EXPERT DAYS with the theme: "Reinraum: Reinigung, Verhalten, Schulung"

ISS Europe-1.png

04.–06.03. ISS Europe | Dublin (Ireland)

ISS Europe 2018 will address the challenges and opportunities of the Global market. The conference will follow a refreshed format providing real insight into a wide range of areas that enable Global competitiveness.

Cleanzone 2018 Cleanroom Media

23.–24.10. Cleanzone 2018| Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

Cleanzone 2018 - Perfection meets high technology: The trade fair is aimed at all industries where production takes place in cleanrooms, from the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries to the field of microtechnology.

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